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Back on air and it is a Seller’s market now! (5/6/2016)

Kirk Duckwall and Chad Vandelogt hit the air waves Sunday May 1st to discuss the Seller’s market conditions in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area.

Seller’s Market! Stats for January 2016 (1/27/2016)

Twin Cities Real Estate Stats from January 27th 2016.

Tools for Buyers and Sellers (1/13/2016)

Tools for showings or for listing preparation.

New site for St. Paul condo Buyers and Sellers. (11/24/2015)

Great new way to search for Saint Paul condos.

When buying a home don’t trust the listing photos (11/11/2014)

Depending on the camera the listing photos were taken with can change the perception of the room.

How to find water intrusion points in a home (6/25/2014)

Where you can look on the outside of a home and in the basement to find water intrusion points.


What homes qualify for FHA, VA or conventional financing? (4/16/2014)

How to tell what homes qualify for your type of financing.

For FHA Repair Requirements and Guidelines click here

How listing photos can affect the price by thousands of dollars. (2/14/2014)

The marketing a real estate agent uses can affect the number of showings, time on market and the final sale price.

Buyer and Seller Online Toolbox (1/3/2014)

These are the best free web sites we have found for researching Twin Cities homes and areas

What to look for when doing the exterior walk around at a showing. (12/16/2013)

Tips for finding potential issues that may cause financing issues or could be costly repairs.

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