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The importance of a home inspection. (4/20/2017)

The main reasons you want to get a professional home inspection. We also discuss the big issues you might want to keep an eye out for.

How Homes Are Built Part 2 (4/14/2017)

Basic construction knowledge for homes built between 1880 and 2017.

Siding, insulation, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofing

How Homes Are Built Part 1 (4/14/2017)

Basic construction knowledge for homes built between 1880 and 2017.

Lot, grading, foundation, framing and sheathing.

How To Price a House (3/13/2017)

The House Geeks talk about the strategies and tools to help price a house properly in the Twin Cities real estate market.

House Hunting and Open Houses (3/2/2017)

What you will need to know when starting the first time home buying process. Real estate tips about online searching and going to open houses.

Buying a home and curious about airport noise? (1/17/2017)

Track the flight paths around the airports in the Twin Cities.

Looking at houses in a whole new way! (12/15/2016)

Viewing a house through a thermal camera.

Tools for Buyers and Sellers (1/13/2016)

Tools for showings or for listing preparation.

When buying a home don’t trust the listing photos (11/11/2014)

Depending on the camera the listing photos were taken with can change the perception of the room.

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How to find water intrusion points in a home (6/25/2014)

Where you can look on the outside of a home and in the basement to find water intrusion points.

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